Barton Hill Primary School and Childrens Centre - public art programme
(Design, Public Art, Publications)


The positive impact of the process for Barton Hill is of national relevance, and not just for schools, but for wider public contexts.
Johnathan Hines & Tom Mason, Architype


public art, education, architecture, ecology, new build, participatory, design, interactive, site-responsive, InSites, interactive, sensor-led, lighting, photography, responsive technologies, InSites, visualisation of data


Architects - Architype

Clients- Community at Heart

Advisors - RiO

Public Art Online web resource




Creative Commons License


Stage 1. Research and development

Resulting in initial concept designs and proposal for SHED (SHarED) - a physical space for experimentation, events and web log. The artworks designed for the new building would be generated through a process-led, inclusive and site responsive approach (see PDFs below).


for further information see PDF(s) :

Initial concept designs

 Initial concept designs (449KB)


 1) Entrance & Library Glazing
2) Responsive sound activated light feature
works to be generated via participatory processes >SHED


 SHED (SHarED) (779KB)


 a bit of magic
a new space for everyone to use
a peephole into the construction site
a conversation piece of involvement & curiosity
a focus for learning about ecology & the environment
a site of social networking for staff, parents & children
a place to explore ideas, collect things, document processes & have fun


interfaces of location and memory