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'The deep map attempts to record and represent the grain and patina of place through juxtapositions and interpenetrations of the historical and the contemporary, the political and the poetic, the discursive and the sensual; the conflation of oral testimony, anthology, memoir, biography, natural history and everything you might ever want to say about a place Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks.


design, arts, geographies, mapping, site-responsive, residency, research, environmental, place, process, participatory, collaborative


Caravanserai residency project


Research in Art, Nature and Environment



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There is a tendency.. think of the caravan site as somewhere where people are in motion and transient and the village as static and continuous.

However, this easy distinction, which brings with it a politics of belonging and identity, is disrupted by the many layers of community in which people come and go, stay for different amounts of time either through desire or need, and are differently in motion through the site and the village - with different trajectories.

Combined with this are the vicissitudes of the weather and the rhythm of the tides, structuring activities and everyday life.



interfaces of location and memory